verbos frasales (8): chistes

Jokes with phrasal verbs.

a.- to get on well with someone  = llevarse bien con alguien

Two friends meet in the street:

John: Hullo, Peter. I hear you’ve bought your mother-in-law a jaguar.
Peter: Yes, I have.
John: But I thought you didn’t get on well with her.
Peter: And I don’t. The jaguar has already bitten her twice.

b.- to drop off = quedarse dormido (lit. caerse de un sitio)

Patient: Doctor, doctor, I suffer from insomnia, I can’t get any sleep at night, what can I do?.
Doctor: You can't get any sleep, I see. Well, my advice is: sleep on the edge of the bed and you’ll soon drop off.
Patient: But, but, doctor, I don’t want to drop, I just want to sleep.
Doctor: I never said you'd drop, I said you'd soon drop off. Don’t you know your phrasal verbs? To drop off means to fall asleep.
Patient: Oh, I see, thak you so much, doctor.

Estos chistes van dedicados a mis siguientes alumnos de la EOI, que los representaron junto con otros sketches en su Phrasal Verbs Theatre Show: Luis Ramos López, Natalia Lecuona Swinburne, Loli Conde J., Carmen Reyes, Iván García Galagorri, Imma Sánchez Núñez, Concepción Ruíz Fernández, Rubén Muriel Herrera, Mari-Luz Villarejo, Isabel Tovar Luque, Rocío Díaz Ramírez y Elías Juan Díaz López.

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  1. Paul: Hey George, you look upset. What's wrong?
    George: Oh, it's that stupid brother-in-law of mine, you know, the masseur. That twit is always rubbing me up the wrong way!

    I came up with this joke in less than a minute so bear with me if it's not funny!