verbos frasales (6): verbos frasales en conversación

Phrasals verbs in conversation.

Some people say that phrasal verbs are only found in writing (books, newspapers, etc.), but it isn’t true, they are often used in conversation:


A.- Match the letters with the numbers to complete the dialogues:

a.- “Why are you selling your car?”
b.- “Does your son resemble you?”
c.-  “What time do you finish working?”
d.- “Is she very rich?”
e.-  “Do you miss your boyfriend very much?”

1.- “Oh, yes, she came into a lot of money when her grandfather died.”
2.- “Well, it’s too old and it keeps breaking down.”
3.. “No, he takes after his father”.
4.- “Oh, yes, I love him so; I really can’t do without him”,
5.- “Oh, we knock off at five”.

B.- Read the following dialogues carefully and then explain the meaning of each phrasal verb:

a.- “What a pretty photo!” “Yes, I like it so much that I’m going to have it blown up.
b.- “Why have you been so long in cashing the cheque?” “Well, I had to wait for a long time, because the computer had gone down/was down.
c.-  “How much did the bill come to?” “120 euros”. “That’s a lot of money. I think they ripped you off”.
d.- “I’m up to my neck in work and feeling really stressed so I went to the doctor’s.” “And what did he tell you?” “The doctor has told me that I must slow down.”
e.- “Was the teacher angry with you for being late?” “Yes, he told me off.”

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