Verbos frasales (2): Tipos de verbos frasales

Different types of phrasal verbs according to whether the particle functions as an adverb or a preposition.

There are three different types:

a.- verb + adverbial particle:

to find sth out – averiguar algo
to take off – despegar (un avión)
to take off (clothes)  - quitarse (ropa)
to put on (clothes)- ponerse (ropa)
to switch sth on – enchufar
to switch sth off - desenchufar
to see sb off – despedir (a alguien que se va de viaje)
to bring sb up – educar a alguien.

b.- verb + prepositional particle:

to look for sth/sb – buscar algo o a alguien
to look after sb – cuidar de alguien
to look into sth – investigar algo
to feel like sth  – apetecer algo
to get over (an illness) – recuperarse (de una enfermedad) to run into sb – toparse con alguien.

c.- verb + adverbial particle + prepositional particle:

to look down on sb  – despreciar a alguien
to get on with sb – llevarse bien con
to get on with sth - progresar.

Place of object

It is important to know whether the particle functions as an adverb or a preposition because when there is an object, this object is placed differently in each case:

· if the particle functions as a preposition, the object must go after the preposition: eg. look after the cat, look after it, etc.

· if the particle functions as an adverb the object if it is a noun can be placed before or after the particle: turn the TV on or turn on the TV, but always before the particle if the object is a pronoun: turn it on.

· if there are two particles, the object usually goes after the prepositional particle: I can’t put up with the noise; I can’t put up with it

But attention, in questions beginning with the object the particle goes at the end: What are you looking for? What did you find out?

Please, note what happens when the prepositional object is not the same as the direct object: They’ve made the novel into a film Han llevado la novela a la pantalla/al cine.


Answer the questions replacing the nouns by pronouns:

1.- Did you see Uncle Richard off at the station? Yes, I saw....
2.- Will you look after the baby? Yes, I will look....
3.- Has she got over her flu? No, she hasn’t......yet
4.- Do you mind turning down the TV? I can’t study. OK, I’ll turn........
5.- Will the police look into the matter? Yes, they’ll look.......

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