verbos frasales (7): diferentes estilos

Different style

Most phrasal verbs are standard English: e.g. to die out – extinguirse (especies animales, etc), to bring sth about – causar, etc.

Some phrasal verbs are colloquial or familiar: to pop in= to enter, to bump someone off= to kill someone, etc.

Some are slang: to rat on someone= to inform on someone to the police, to blimp out on sth. – atracarse de (comida) (Yesterday we blimped out on pizza)

Some are technical jargon: to clock in/out (at work) (fichar a la entrada y salida del trabajo), to log in (computers=entrar en el sistema), to sign off (TV)= despedir la emisión, to zoom in/out (cinema)=acercarse o alejarse con la cámara, etc.

Some are not polite: to knock up a woman: to make her pregnant

Some are taboo: to get it on= to have sex, to get it up= to get an erection, to jack/jerk off= to masturbate (IAm)(IBr to wank)

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  1. Talking of the phrasal verb "knock sb up", there's a very funny movie called "Knocked Up".

    I highly recommend it. Here's the trailer:


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