verbos frasales (3): diferentes tipos según su significado

3.- From the point of view of their meaning, some phrasal verbs are literal, others are semi-metaphorical and others fully metaphorical:

a.- Literal:

to go/come in/out/up/down, etc – entrar/salir/subir/bajar, etc.

b.- Semi-metaphorical:

to eat up- comérselo todo
to argue away – discutir sin parar
to work away – trabajar sin parar
to read on- seguir leyendo

c.- Fully metaphorical:

to give sth up- dejar (bebida, tabaco, etc.)
to carry sth out – llevar a cabo
to turn sth down – rechazar
to stand someone up – dar plantón


Which of the following combinations would you regard as fully metaphorical, which semi-metaphorical and which literal:

to play on – seguir jugando
to make sth up – inventarse (una  historia, etc.)
to talk away – charlar sin parar
to come in – entrar
to break out – estallar (guerra), declararse (epidemia)
to go up – subir
to hold on – esperar, no colgar (el teléfono)
to drink up – bebérselo todo
to come to – recuperar el conocimiento

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