verbos frasales (5): equivalentes no-frasales

Phrasal verbs usually have non-phrasal equivalents

a.- to put sth off – to postpone
b.- to bring sb up – to educate
c.- to call on sb – to visit
d.- to find sth out – to discover
e.- to come into some money – to inherit

But attention, it’s not always possible to find a non-phrasal verb synonym:

to get away with sth – not to be caught or punished when you’ve done sth wrong: He always cheats at exams and gets away with it!


Cross out the wrong alternatives

a.- If you slip up, do you fall, or make a mistake?
b.- If you put aside some money, do you save it, or spend it?
c.- If you invite someone to pop round any time he wants to, are you inviting him to visit you, or to have a drink?
d.- If you say that someone has passed away, do you mean he has died, or simply fainted? (note: to faint is to pass out)
e.- When something turns up, does it happen, or come to an end?
f.- If you bear someone out, are you corroborating or denying  what he said?

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