Preparing for the 'oposiciones': Idioms (exercise)

Fill in the gaps with the appropriate word below:

1   Don’t count your chickens before they are hatched
This means: Don’t be over-_____.
2   He is like a bull in a china shop
This means: He is very _____.
3   His bark is worse than his bite
This means: He is _____ than he looks.
4   Every cloud has a silver lining
This means: There is some _____ in every bad event
5   Hold your horses
This means: _____ a moment.
6   She is down in the dumps
This means: She is _____.
7   He couldn’t keep a straight face
This means: He couldn’t keep his face _____.

good   clumsy   kinder   optimistic   serious   depressed   wait


1- optimistic; 2- clumsy; 3- kinder; 4- good; 5- wait; 6- depressed; 7-serious

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