Preparing for the 'oposiciones': an amusing short story with phrasal verbs

In the following text, Anne is telling a female friend about a dinner she had  with a male friend she liked the previous evening.
Fill in the blanks with phrasal verbs referring to eating and drinking. In some cases, more than one answer is correct. You are given the particles in order to make the exercise easier for you:

As I was telling you, I couldn't believe my ears when Jim invited me to (1)...........out. I couldn't say no; he's such a goodlooking guy, but you can't imagine how much I regret it now.
At first he seemed fairly polite, but then the wine was served and the nightmare began! He sipped his wine, said it was O.K., and (2) 
......... it back. He helped himself to a second, and then a third glass; both (3) ..... down in the wink of an eye! When the first course came, he yelled "let's (4) ..... in!" and (5) ....... in like a vulture! I was so shocked I couldn't say a word, let alone have a spoonful of my soup. In a matter of seconds his plate was as clean as a whistle. "You're not hungry, are you?", he said, snatching my soup and (6) ..... it down.
The second course was served: chicken and mashed potatoes for him, fish and salad for me. "Looks delicious!", he said (7) .... up his sixth glass of wine, and (8) ........up his chicken.
When he had (9) ........ everything up, my stomach felt quite unsettled, so I headed for the ladies' room. When I returned he had (10) ........ away my fish and salad and was already taking a puff of his fat cigar. Finally, the waiter brought the dessert, and believe me, I felt much better after I threw the chocolate cake in his face!


1.- dine/eat; 2.- knocked; 3.- went; 4.- tuck/dig; 5.- dived; 6.- gulping/guzzling/sloshing/slugging; 7.- drinking; 8.- gobbling; 9.- eaten; 10.- put.

Adapted from Ponte al Día en Inglés, Verbos Frasales, by Antonio Moreno Ortiz, with Anthony Dawson as adviser and myself as coordinator of the series. 

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