Idioms with the word 'word'.

Here’s a curious 'mini-lecture', which can be a good exercise to learn a good number of idioms and expressions with the word ‘word’:

OK. Just say the word, and I´ll start...I didn´t hear you give the word, anyhow,  here I go : But you needn´t worry, it won`t take long. I give you my word, you can take my word for it. 
Well, in my lecture today, from the word go, I will use lots of words, formal and informal words, portmanteau words, word families, technical words, foreign words, grand words, nonsensical words, all sort of words, words galore.... 
As a matter of fact, I won't let you get in a word edgeways, and  believe me, I´ll be really grateful if you don't make me eat my words. On the contrary, I'll be very pleased to see most of you hanging on my every word as I quote from Lewis Carroll, word for word, and  when I play with words...  but mark my words, I can assure you that I always weigh my words, and I hope no four-letter words will slip in my talk, as I know I have a reputation for being one who does not mince his words, but if they do, please don´t breathe a word to anyone about it... mum´s the word...... 
I said I wouldn`t be long and I am a man of his word, so far from going back on my word, I´ll keep my word, or in other words, I´ll be as good as my word. And as they say that actions speak louder than words, here´s my last word: farewell and thank you.

Dare you translate the lecture into Spanish?

4 comentarios :

  1. Translate all that into Spanish? That's like translating "the Word".

  2. I agree, but some translators might find it a challenge.

  3. Paco, te leo siempre y me parece de lo más interesante lo que estás haciendo. Cristina B.