Five amusing limericks for your Phonetics class

Learn English phonemes and have fun:


There was a young lady of Calcutta
Who had a very bad stutter.
She said to her niece
Will you pass me the cheese
And the b-b-b-b- butter


A diner while dining at Crewe
Found a rather large mouse in his stew,
Said the waiter, "Don't shout
And wave it about,
Or the rest will be wanting one, too."


There was an odd fellow of Tyre,
Who constantly sat on the fire.
When asked , "Are you hot?"
He said, "Certainly not,
I´m James Winterbotham, Esquire."


There was an old person of Wick,
Who said, "Tick-a-Tick, Tick-a-Tick,
Chickabee, Chickabaw,"
And he said nothing more,
This laconic old person of Wick.


There was a young girl of West Ham
Who hastily jumped on a tram.
When she had embarked
The conductor remarked,
"Your fare, miss." She answered, "I am."

Vocabulary help

stutter - tartamudez
niece - sobrina
diner - comensal
stew - estofado
don't shout and wave it about - no grite y lo agite en el aire
odd fellow - tipo raro
Esquire = Mr (but written after the name)
who hastily jumped on a tram - que se subió apresuradamente en un tranvía
your fare (su billete) = you're fair (es usted guapa)

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