A few riddles

I've always been in favour of including in my classes every now and then games, jokes, limericks, etc to keep them from getting too boring. Here are a few riddles:

1.- No sooner spoken than broken
What is it?

2.- What relation would your father's sister's sister-in-law be to you?

3.- As I was a-walking on Westminster Bridge,
I met with a Westminster scholar,
He pulled off his cap, an' drew off his gloves,
Now what was the name of the scholar?

4.- As I was going  o'er London Bridge,
I heard something crack;
Not a man in all England
Can mend that!

5.- Why do you call money dough?

6.- What God never sees;
What the king seldom sees;
What we see every day;
Read my riddle, I pray.

7.- What does God need to be good?


1.- silence

2.- your mother

3.- Andrew

4.- ice

5.- because you need/knead it

6.- an equal

7.- an o

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