Learning vocabulary: extreme sports

Sports of risk/extreme sports. Match the sport with its definition:

a.- bungee jumping
b.- hang-gliding
c.- paragliding
d.- parkour
e.- potholing
f.- snowboarding
g.- white-water rafting
h.- canyoning

1.- moving along a route, typically in a city, trying to get around or through  various obstacles in the quickest and most efficient manner possible, jumping,  climbing, or running.
2.- riding on a raft over rough, dangerous parts of a fast-flowing river.
3.- gliding through the air while hanging suspended from a harness resembling a large kite.
4.- leaping from a bridge or other high place with a long length of a special rope that stretches tied to your legs, so that you go up again without touching the ground.
5.- jumping into a fast-flowing stream at the bottom of a canyon and allowing oneself to be carried downstream at high speed.
6.- sliding downhill on snow while standing on a board resembling a short,  broad ski attached to the rider’s feet.
7.- jumping from a plane or a high place and floating slowly to the ground wearing a type of parachute that allows you to control where you go.

8.- exploring underground caves.

KEY: a-4; b-3; c-7, d-1; e-8; f-6; g-2; h-5.

From my book Short Stories to Help You Increase Your Vocabulary, p. 382, Verticebooks, 2013.

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