Preparing for the 'oposiciones': vocabulary about cars (BrE/AmE) (exercise)


Today we'll have a look at the differences in the vocabulary about cars between BrE and AmE. Thus, for instance, 'capó' is bonnet in BrE., and hood, in AmE., and 'maletero' is boot in BrE, and trunk, in AmE. In some cases, like the word for 'camión', for example, though originally the British had lorry, and the Americans, truck, nowadays in the USA, truck is still the word generally used, and not lorry, but in the United Kingdom, both words are used with practically the same meaning: 'a large road vehicle used to carry goods, troops, etc.' 


The following words are generally used in BrE; provide the AmE counterpart:

1.- accelerator (acelerador)

2.- aerial (antena)

3.- bonnet (capó)

4.- boot (maletero)

5.- estate car (coche familiar, ranchera)

6.- filler cap/ petrol cap (tapón del depósito de gasolina)

7.- fog lamps (faros antiniebla)

8.- gear lever/gear stick (palanca de cambios)

9.- indicator  (intermitente)

10.- lorry (camión)

11.- number plate/registration plate (matrícula)

12.- patrol car (coche patrulla)

13.- people carrier (monovolumen)

14.- petrol tank (depósito de gasolina)

15.- roof-rack (baca)

16.- saloon (berlina)

17.- sidelights (luces de posición)

18.- spare tyre (rueda de repuesto)

19.- sparking plug (bujía)

20.- tyres (neumáticos)

21.- windscreen (parabrisas)

22.- windscreen wiper (limpiaparabrisas)

23.- wing (aleta)

24.- wing mirror  [espejo retrovisor (fuera del coche)]


1.- gas pedal; 2.- antenna; 3.- hood; 4.- trunk; 5.- station wagon; 6.- gas cap; 7.- fog lights; 8.- gear shift/stick shift; 9.- turn signal; 10.- truck; 11.- license plate; 12.- cruiser; 13.- minivan; 14.- gas tank; 15.- luggage rack; 16.- sedan; 17.- parking lights; 18.- spare tire; 19.- spark plug; 20.- tires; 21.- windshield; 22.- windshield wiper; 23.- fender; 24.- side-view mirror.

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