Idioms: being/getting angry.

Here are some idioms you can use to indicate that someone is angry or getting angry, or sth that makes sb angry:

to hit the roof/ceiling
to drive sb up the wall
to drive sb round the bend/twist
to go off the deep end
to be foaming at the mouth
to have kittens
to cut up rough
to go bananas
to blow a fuse
to jump down sb's throat
sth is like a red rag to a bull
to get/put sb's back up

Complete the following sentences:

1.- My mother .... bananas when I said I was going to leave the job.

2.- He .... a fuse and started shooting at people. 

3.- I went into the boss’s office and asked him for a rise -  it was like a .... rag to a bull.

4.- He hit the .... when he saw his wife kissing another man. 

5.- He’s always so sure of himself – frankly, he puts my back .... 

6.- She nearly .... kittens when she saw her boyfriend dancing with  another girl. 

7.- She’ll .... up rough if you don’t give her what she’s asked for.

8.- The baby’s been crying for two hours - it .... me up the wall.

9.- There’s no reason for you to go off the .... end.

10.- He was .... at the mouth because they had robbed him of his wallet.  


1.- went; 2.- blew; 3.- red; 4.- roof/ceiling; 5.- up; 6.- had; 7.- cut; 

8.- drives; 9,. deep; 10.- foaming

SOURCE: Diccionario Bilingüe de Modismos, e-book version. 

Amazon (Kindle).http://www.amazon.es/gp/product/B00Q1HHDLK

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