Vocabulary of the day: breeds of dog

Breeds of dog:
Afghan (afgano)
Alsatian/German shepherd (pastor alemán)
basset (hound) (basset)
beagle (podenco)
Belgian sheepdog (pastor belga)
bloodhound (sabueso)
boxer (bóxer)
bull terrier (bullterrier)
bulldog (bulldog)
chihuahua (chihuahua)
chow/chow chow (chow-chow)
cocker spaniel (cócker)
collie (colie, pastor escocés)
dachshund/sausage dog (perro salchicha)
Dalmatian (dálmata)
Dobermann (dóberman)
English setter (setter, perro de muestra inglés)
fox terrier (foxterrier)
foxhound (perro raposero)
Great Dane (gran danés)
greyhound (galgo)
griffon (grifón)
husky (perro esquimal)
Labrador (Labrador)
mastiff (mastín)
mongrel (chucho, perro mestizo, sin pedigrí)
Newfoundland (dog) (perro de Terranova)
Pekinese (perrito pequinés)
pit bull (terrier) (pitbull terrier, bull terrier de pelea)
pointer ( pointer, perro de muestra, perro rastrero)
Pomeranian (lulú)
poodle (perro de lanas)
pug (dog) (doguillo)
retriever (perro cobrador)
rottweiler (rottweiler)
sheepdog (perro pastor)
spaniel (perro de aguas)
St Bernard (dog) (San Bernardo)
trackhound (perro perdiguero)


What breeds of dog do the following definitions stand for:

a.- a large hunting dog with a sharp sense of smell, used for tracking people or animals
b.- a hunting dog that stops with its nose pointed towards a hunted animal or bird that it has smelt
c.- a type of thin dog with long thin legs that can run very fast in hunting and esp. in racing
d.- a large long-haired dog used for looking after sheep or kept as a pet
e.- a fierce-looking dog of German origin, often used as a guard dog
f.- a small dog with short legs and a long body, resembling a sausage
g.- a small, fat, short-haired dog with a wide flat face and a short flat nose
h.- a very large tall dog with smooth hair
i.- a large strong Swiss dog used, esp. formerly, for helping lost mountain travellers
j.- a dog with thick curling hair often cut in special shapes, kept as a pet
k.- a type of large short-haired dog that is white with black spots
l.- a lap-dog with short legs, long silky hair and a snub nose


a.- bloodhound; b.- pointer; c.- greyhound; d.- collie; e.- Dobermann; f.-dachshund/sausage dog; g.- pug; h.- Great Dane; i.- St Bernard; j.- poodle; k.- Dalmatian; l.- Pekinese

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