Preparing for the 'oposiciones': modismos (ejercicio)

Elige la opción correcta

1. If somebody “joined the great majority”, they
a) died
b) voted for the majority party
c) got married

2 «The year dot» is
a) a long time ago
b) a prosperous year
c) the year the world crisis began

3. If somebody asks you: «What’s the damage?” you probably are
a) a teacher
b) a doctor
c) a waiter

4. If somebody calls you «a square», he’s calling you
a) fat
b) old-fashioned
c) a dirty ol man.

5. If a friend tells you «to shake a leg», he’s asking you
a) to mix him a drink
b) to go to sleep
c) to hurry up

6. If you were left «out on a limb», you’d be
a) delighted to be alone with your girlfriend
b) annoyed because nobody was backing you
c) dead.

7. If you’re at a loose end
a) you’re far from home
b) you have nothing to do
c) you are all by yourself

8. A tall order is
a) a real pleasure
b) a nasty trick
c) somehing very difficult to do

9. If something is not on the cards
a) it isn’t likely to happen
b) it isn’t for sale
c) it’s too dangerous to do

10. If you’re on the ball
a) you’re playing football
b) you’re sound asleep
c) you’re alert


1-a: 2-a; 3-c; 4-b; 5-c; 6-b; 7-b; 8-c; 9-a; 10-c

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