Preparing for the 'oposiciones': familiar Spanish idioms (1st part)

Now, for the 'home stretch', we'll pay special attention to idioms, phrasal verbs and grammar transformation.

To begin with, here are some Spanish idioms of a very colloquial or familiar character, which are not always easy to find in general dictionaries. Dare you find some English equivalents?:

1.- A quien Dios se la dé, San Pedro se la bendiga.
2.- A la vejez, viruelas.
3.- Darle un baño a alguien/mojarle la oreja.
4.- Ahumársele a alguien el pescado.
5.- A toro pasado.
6.- Tocarle a alguien bailar con la más fea.


1.- Each one to his own, it's none of my business.
2.- Fancy that happening at his age; there's no fool like an old fool.
3.- To wipe the floor with sb.; to take sb. to the cleaner's.
4.- To get all steamed up.
5.- With the benefit of hindsight; wise after the event.
6.- To get the short end of the stick; to draw the short straw.

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