Preparing for the 'oposiciones': word formation exercise

Fill in the gaps with a word derived from the one given in brackets:

1. It isn't very ........ that Paula is at home, is it? She usually works at this time. (like)

2. Megan was told by her dietician that she was becoming ........ thin and should eat more. (danger)

3. ........ is the spice of life, says the proverb and everyone should try and do new things and meet new people to avoid becoming bored. (vary)

4. Harry had a difficult ..... and was brought up by an aunt and uncle living in the country. (child)

5. The whole dispute began after a small  ....... over the money needed to finance the new company. (agree)

6. The introduction of insecticides in the 20th Century ........ agriculture across the world. (revolution)

7. All the coastal towns in this area are ........  by strong tradition of dance and there is a festival of dance that takes place every August. (character)

8. My company has spent a lot of money building a new, ........ factory which will nearly double production. (computer)


1.- likely; 2.- dangerously, 3.- variety, 4.- childhood; 5.- disagreement; 6.- revolutionised/revolutionized; 7.- characterised/characterized; 8.- computerised/computerized.

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