Preparing for the 'oposiciones': here/there/where compound adverbs

The adverbs here, there and where combine with various prepositions to form complex adverbs, very formal in style, and often used therefore in legal documents, official papers, etc. Some of the most important are:

hitherto          hasta ahora, hasta aquí/este momento
herewith         adjunto, con la presente, con esto 
hereby            por la presente, por este medio                           
hereinafter     de ahora en adelante
thereof           de esto/eso, del mismo, de la misma
thereafter        después de eso, a partir de entonces                 whereby          por lo/la/los que, por el cual    
whereupon      a lo que, después de lo cual, con lo cual


Fill in the gaps  with the appropriate here/there/where compound  adverbs:

1.- We enclose ........ two copies of the contract.
2.- Is the property or any part ........ used for commercial activity?
3.- Mr Alan Scott, .................. referred to as the tenant.
4.- They've discovered a ..............unknown species of insect.
5.- Linda married at 16 and gave birth to her first child  shortly..........
6.- He told her she was a liar, ............ she burst into tears.


1.- herewith; 2.- thereof, 3.- hereinafter; 4.- hitherto; 5.- thereafter; 6.- whereupon.

To know more about this type of complex adverbs, you can consult my Gramática Inglesa, 9ª ed., Pearson-Longman, pp. 431-432.                  

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