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The World Day of this, the World Day of that, the World Week of this, the World Week of that, but no world day or week of phrasal verbs. Well, this week is going to be 'The World Week of Phrasal Verbs' for us, OK?

Phrasal Verbs for Monday

Complete each sentence with a phrasal verb with the same or almost the same meaning as the verb given in brackets. As an additional help,  the initial letter of each phrasal verb is provided:

1.- Last year the company decided to b..... ......  into some new lines [expand]
2.- Capital punishment was d.....  .....   ..... in Britain fifty years ago [abolish]
3.- They l.....   ..... extra trains during the rush hour [provide]
4.- Jim f.....    .....   ..... his brother when they were in their twenties, and they didn't see each other for fifteen years [quarrel with]
5.- The TV program was so boring that I d.....   ..... [fall asleep]
6.- That music will never  c......   ..... [become popular]
7- Nick always relies on his wife to s.....   ..... all the arrangements for their holidays [organise]
8.- Our business went through a bad patch last year, but things seem to be  p.....   ..... now [improve]

Phrasal Verbs for Tuesday

Replace the verb in italics with a phrasal verb with the same meaning:

1.- The plane has just landed. You have an hour before it leaves again
2.- They were despised by almost everybody who knew them
3.- I'm not prepared to tolerate insolence from you
4.- I'm a bit squeamish. I always faint at the sight of blood
5.- A well known company is thinking of establishinga new factory in this town
6.- It was clear from the way they were huddled together in a corner that they were plotting something
7.- Raising a family on a teacher's pay is extremely difficult
8.- If you admit the offence, we shall deal with you leniently

Phrasal Verbs for Wednesday

Complete the sentences with an appropiate compound of to give or to take:

1.- As you can see, the rear of the building ......   ..... the river.
2.- The boy is quite gullible and easy to .....   .....
3.- I want you to .....   ...... everything I say
4.- Have you .....   ..... the money you borrowed from him earlier in the month?
5.- The rotten eggs were .....   ..... a most unpleasant odour
6.- This gentleman is going to .....   .....   ..... me while I'm away
7.- There was a tremendous crash as the roof .....   .....
8.- A man standing on the corner was trying to ....   ..... five-pound notes. but most people thought there was a catch in it


Monday: 1.- branch out; 2.- done away with; 3.- lay on; 4.- fell out with; 5.- dozed off; 6.- catch on; 7.- sort out; 8.- picking up

Tuesday: 1.- touched down, takes off; 2.- looked down on; 3.- put up with; 4.- pass out; 5.- setting up; 6.- were up to; 7.- Bringing up; 8.- own up to

Wednesday: 1.- gives onto; 2.- take in; 3.- take down; 4.- given back; 5.- giving off; 6.- take over from; 7.- gave way; 8.- give away

Here you have your phrasal verbs for Thursday and Friday, to complete the World Phrasal Verbs Week. On Friday, we bring to a close our 1st World Week of Phrasal Verbs. No phrasal verbs por Saturday or Sunday, as I guess you have better things to do on the weekend.

Phrasal Verbs for Thursday

Fill in the gaps with the appropriate particle:

1.- This computer is sold with the printer thrown .......
2.- I wish you would stop showing me ...... in front of my friends 
3.- The stress of her husband's illness is beginning to tell ...... her
4.- Someone will stand ......    ...... the main actor in that dangerous scene
5.- She set ...... her work with great enthusiasm
6.- Don't let your imagination run .......    ...... you
7.- He's really good at putting his message ......
8.- Stop frittering money ...... on clothes you're never going to wear

Phrasal Verbs for Friday

Complete each sentence with a phrasal verb with the same or almost the same meaning as the verb given in brackets. As an aditional help, the initial letter of each phrasal verb is provided:

1.- We'll w.......   ..... our campaign with a meeting in Madrid [end]
2.- It's rumoured that, because of the recesion, 20% of the workers are to be l.....   ..... next month [dismiss]
3.- As he passed the table he accidentally k.....   ...... a glass of beer [upset]
4.- The papers are all full of the scandal, but in a few days it will all have b.....   ...... [be forgotten]
5.- The government has made a serious mistake but, of course, they're doing what they can to  p...... it ...... [minimise]
6.- He was very ill last year but, thank goodness, he p.....   ..... [recover]
7.- They've r....   ..... a large phone bill [accumulate]
8.- Cholera was s.....   ...... in this country long ago [eradicate]


Thursday: 1.- in; 2.- up; 3.- on: 4.- in for; 5.- about; 6.- away with; 7.- across; 8.- away

Friday: 1.- wind up; 2.- laid off; 3.- knocked over; 4.- blown over; 5.- play down; 6.- pulled through; 7.- run up; 8.- stamped out

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