Phrasal Verbs: transformation exercise

Phrasal Verbs Transformation Exercise

Re-write the sentences below using a phrasal verb with the particle given in brackets, so that they have the same meaning as the original. The initial letter of the verb in question is given in each case to make it a bit easier for you:

1.- I haven't calculated the cost yet (out)
1.- I haven't w ...... the cost yet.

2.- One of those bombs could destroy our village in a split second (out)
2.- Our village would ...... w...... one of those bombs in a split second.

3.- My headache is disappearing (off)
3.- My headache is w......

4.- My wife has left me (out)
4.- My wife has w....... me.

5.- If something new happens, I'll let you know (up)
5.- I'll let you know if something new t.......

6.- The blonde upstairs excites me (on)
6.- The blonde upstairs t......

7.- I'm longing to get home and relax (down)
7.- I'm longing to get home and w.....

8.- The old lady goes to bed early (in)
8.- The old lady t....... early.

9.- He only mentioned the issue briefly (on)
9.- He merely t...... the issue.

10.- He was trying to get rid of his pursuers (off)
10.- He was trying ..... t...... his pursuers.

11.- The teacher reprimanded the children for being late (off)
11.- The children ...... t........ the teacher for being late.

12.- We should dissuade Gerald from buying such an expensive car (out)
12.- We should t........ buying such an expensive car.


1.- worked out; 2.- be wiped out by; 3.- wearing off; 4.- walked out on; 5.- turns up; 6.- turns me on; 7.- wind down; 8.- turns in; 9.- touched on; 10.- to throw off; 11.- were told off by; 12.- talk Gerald out of

For more phrasal verbs with their non-phrasal equivalents, you can consult my Gramática Inglesa. 9ª ed. actualizada, appendix 8, pp. 700-726, Pearson-Longman.

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