Idioms with heart.

Here are a few idioms with the word 'heart', but 'don't take it to heart' (no os lo toméis a pecho) if you can't remember them all:


Who would you address the following remarks to? Match the numbers with the letters:

1.- My heart sinks when I see your house empty.

2.- Your heart is in the right place.

3.- Learn it by heart!

4.- You can open your heart to me.

5.- You're a man after my own heart.

6.- You're breaking my heart!

7.- Don't lose heart!

8.- Don't set your heart on it!

a.- Someone with a secret to share.

b.- A loved one who's leaving you.

c.- A kind person who's trying to do the right thing.

d.- Someone who has been evicted.

e.- Someone who has a rather unrealistic ambition.

f.- Someone who has your same tastes.

g.- Someone who has to give a speech.

h.- Someone who's upset after being criticised.


1-d; 2- c; 3- g: 4- a; 5- f; 6- b; 7- h; 8- e

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  1. En mi libro he incluido un dicho que me gusta mucho:

    faint heart never won fair lady

    Este dicho aparece en la película de dibujos animados Robin Hood (ver vídeo a partir del minuto 2:52)