English for Tourism: Hotel Facilities

Here's an exercise to practise English for Tourism.

Exercise: Here are some guests who have different wishes. Which section of the room information sheet should they look at? Write the number of each guest next to the appropriate section.

Hotel Facilities

1.- Elaine Lu would like to have her blouse cleaned.

2.- Ben Krozac wants to know about buses to the airport.

3.- The Nakatas would like breakfast in their room.

4.- Ms Lewis is feeling unwell.

5.- Mr Dixon needs clean shoes for the morning.

6.- Jutta Koch would like a massage and manicure.

7.- Mrs Peterson has to be sure she gets up early tomorrow morning.

8.- Marie Frelimo wants to call her friend in Barcelona.

9.- Tom Mosli would like a soft drink in his room.

10.- Yana Valk wants to know where to leave her car.

11.- Eric and Thomas wonder what they can do this evening.

12.- Edward Chung wants to know the prices for different rooms.


Room service ....

Tariffs ....

Telephone .... 

Entertainment ....

Minibar ....

Shoe-cleaning service ....

Transport ....

Wake-up calls ....

Laundry .... 

Garaging ....

Medical help ....

Hairdressing and Beauty ....


Room service -3

Tariffs - 12

Telephone - 8

Entertainment - 11

Minibar - 9

Shoe-cleaning service - 5

Transport - 2

Wake-up calls - 7

Laundry - 1

Garaging - 10

Medical help - 4

Hairdressing and Beauty - 6

Source: Test Your Professional English. Hotel and Catering. Alison Pohl. Series Editing: Nick Brieger. Penguin English Guides, 2004.

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  1. You might not know that I worked in the hotel industry in England.

    Well, during that time, we had pop group Atomic Kitten staying with us and, while working in a conference centre, the Opposition party with David Cameron (now Prime Minister).

    That´s my claim to fame!