Stories for my grandchildren: The hare and the tortoise

Today, another fable with its moral; The Hare and the Tortoise (la liebre y la tortuga) (hare is generically referred to in English as masculine, so he is used in the story when it is mentioned).
You'll notice the following spelling mistakes in the subtitles, which should be corrected:
proud, not proudy
quiet, not quite
beaten, not beatened 

(This video has been downloaded from YouTube for educational purposes exclusively)

Vocabulary help

hare - liebre
tortoise - tortuga
get together - reunión
proud - orgulloso,-a
to boast of - presumir/alardear de
speed - velocidad
beaten - past participle of to beat - vencer, derrotar
race - carrera
to his misfortune - para su desgracia
challenge/to challenge - desafío/desafiar
quiet/quietly - tranquilo/tranquilamente
crow - cuervo
to witness - ser testigo de
courage -valor
filled with joyful pride - lleno,-a de gozoso orgullo
to crack a joke - contar un chiste
to be beaten - ser vencido/derrotado
shall we race? - ¿echamos una carrera?
fox - zorro
to be chosen - ser escogido
judge - juez, árbitro
to fix a date - fijar una fecha
one-sided - desigual
to pray - rezar
success - éxito
to reach the spot - llegar al sitio
well in time - con mucha/bastante anticipación
to make fun of - burlarse de
to go out of sight - perderse de vista
at once - enseguida, inmediatamente
laughing matter (= laughing stock) - hazmereír)
contempt - desprecio, desdén
lay down - past of to lie down - tumbarse
to have a nap - echar una siesta
to plod on - avanzar con paso lento (pero sin parar)
awoke - past of to awake - despertar
winning post - meta
to be shocked - sobresaltarse, llevarse un susto
moral: slow and steady wins the race - moraleja: piano, piano, se va lontano.

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