World Englishes by Prof. David Crystal.

I have the pleasure to share with you today the interview to the prestigious linguist Prof. David Crystal, conducted by Tony O'Brien, Western Balkans British Council Director in Belgrade on 9 November 2013, Prof. Crystal maintains that there isn't only a 'World English', but lots of 'World Englishes', as many as countries where English is spoken. I find this talk very enlightening and enjoyed it thoroughly, and I'm sure you will enjoy it too:

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  1. A very interesting talk.

    While living in England, I met an Aussie and decided to have some fun. I asked him "Are there any nice sheilas in Australia".

    He smiled at me as if wondering "How do you know that word?".

    1. At the time, I was reading (and enjoying) the Oxford Dictionary of Modern Slang, where that word can be found.