Food idioms -2

A few weeks ago, you had the opportunity to learn some food idioms, but in case you haven't had your fill yet, here you have some more:


Complete the following idioms with one of the following words: 
bacon, butter, butterfingers, cake, cheese, peach, onions, pie, potato, soup:

1.- You should get out more and watch less TV, you're turning into a real couch ........
2.- Except for a bit of ........ fuzz, the baby was born bald.
3.- When it comes to computers, he really knows his ........
4.- No one ever thought she was so naughty; she always looked as if .......... wouldn't melt in her mouth.
5.- My wife has had to bring home the ...... ever since I broke my leg.
6.- He's in the .......... It's the third time this month he's been caught exceeding the speed limit.
7.- The goalkeeper had the ball, but he dropped it. What a ........he is!
8.- Simon wants to have his .......... and eat it too. He won't marry me, but he doesn't want me to date anyone else.
9.- He was a very influential man; he seemed to have a finger in every ........
10. I thought I was just going to interview the secretary, but they let me talk to the big ........ himself.


1.- potato; 2.- peach; 3.- onions; 4.- butter; 5.- wife; 6.- soup; 7.- butterfingers; 8.- cake; 9.- pie; 10.- cheese.

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