Sinónimos: ejercicios

Here are some synonyms or near-synonyms of some words. Discover the odd man out in each case:

1.- to despise (despreciar) : to deride, to disdain, to hoard, to look down on, to shun, to scorn, to slight, to spurn

2.- to cry (llorar): to heal, to shed tears, to sob, to sniff, to snivel, to wail, to whine

3.- pale (pálido): emaciated, foul, gaunt, haggard, pallid, sallow

4.- fat (gordo): chubby, lanky, plump, obese, overweight, porky, stout, tubby

5.- magnificent (magnífico): admirable, gorgeous, grand, great, splendid, superb, spectacular, striking, glorious, weird, wonderful

6.- to confuse (confundir): to baffle, to ban, to bewilder, to confound, to disconcert, to mistify, to perplex

7.- horrible (horrible): awful, appalling, dreadful, frightful, soothing

8.- astute (astuto): artful, clever, crafty, cunning, guileful, harassed, shrewd

9.- to tolerate (tolerar, soportar, aguantar):  to bear, to endure, to get away with, to put up with, to suffer

10.- thin (delgado): bony, fleshy, skinny, underweight, scrawny, scraggy, puny, skeletal.


1.- to hoard (atesorar); 2.- to heal (curar); 3.- foul (asqueroso); 4.- lanky (largirucho); 5.-weird (extraño); 6.- to ban (desterrar); 7.- soothing (tranquilizante); 8.- harassed (acosado,-a); 9. -to get away with (quedar impune, escaparse con algo/alguien); 10.- fleshy (carnoso,-a).

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  1. There is an excellent learner´s thesaurus published by Oxford which will tell you the difference between all those similar words, with examples and notes.

    A must-have for advanced learners and teachers.