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Para terminar el año, vuelvo a ofreceros este post, uno de mis favoritos, con dos juegos para pasar un buen rato en casa, cuando el tiempo demasiado frío no invita a salir a la calle. El motivo de repetirlo es que me parece que no salió bien en mi anterior intento.

In view of the success of The Alphabet Game:Animalshttp://sanchezbenedito.blogspot.com.es/2014/09/the-alphabet-game-names-of-animals.html of a few days ago, some teachers have asked me if they could have another one. Well, here it is, this time about professions:


beginning with a - said by Agatha Christie to make an ideal husband, because “the older you get, the more charming he will find you.”

beginning with b - you’ll feel safer if you can afford to hire one

beginning with c - consult one of them if you have any doubts concerning a medicine

beginning with d - some people hire one if they suspect they’re being cheated by their husband or their wife

beginning with e - anyone of them can explain to us the origin of the present economic crisis, but few of them will be able to find a solution to it

beginning with f - a man or a woman whose task it is to extinguish fires

beginning with g - assists the cameraman in a film studio

beginning with h- a wife of whom it wouldn't be fair to say that she hasn’t got a job, especially if she is a mother too

beginning with i - someone hired to advise famous people, especially politicians, on improved public presentation or impression

beginning with j - someone who decides how criminals should be punished

ending with k - works in an office or a bank

beginning with l - can save people's lives when they're about to drown

beginning with m - someone who plays a musical instrument

beginning with n - looks after sick people in a hospital

beginning with o - someone who is in a position of authority in the army

beginning with p - with so many people taking selfies nowadays, the workload of these professionals is not as heavy as it was in the past


beginning with a - someone whose job is to keep and check financial accounts
beginning with b - not a full-time profession, but very useful when you need someone to leave your children with for a short time
beginning with c - the main cook in a hotel or restaurant

beginning with d - if you’re ill, you’ll be treated by one of these

beginning with e - someone who is paid to work for an employer

beginning with f - someone who grows crops and keeps animals

beginning with g - in Britain, someone who sells fruit and vegetables

beginning with h - cuts, washes, and arranges people’s hair in particular styles

beginning with i - to do their job well, they must speak a foreign language perfectly

beginning with j - always on the alert for the latest news

ending with k - if he or she is good, you'll lick your fingers when eating their delicious dishes

beginning with l - in the U.S, they usually call them attorneys

beginning with m - will repair your car if it breaks down

beginning with n - looks after children in the home, but not many families can afford one nowadays

beginning with o -  someone who tests your eyes before you buy your glasses

beginning with p - you have to call in one to fix a tap


Player One: a.- archaelogist; b.- bodyguard; c.-chemist; d.- detective; e.- economist; f.- firefighter; g.- grip; h.- housewife; i,- image consultant; j.- judge; k.- clerk; l.- lifeguard; m.- musician; n.- nurse; o.- officer; p.- photographer

Player Two: a.- accountant; b.- babysitter; c.- chef; d.- doctor; e.- employee; f.- farmer; g.- greengrocer; h.- hairdresser; i.- interpreter; j.- journalist; k.- cook; l.- lawyer; m.- mechanic; n.- nanny; o.- optician; p.- plumber

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